Zayn Malik, erstwhile One Directioner, current life-ruiner, is on vacation in France right now with his family and his fiancée, Perrie Edwards. Incredible. Can you believe this fucking guy?

Word of Zayn's vacation got out after a photo posted to Edwards' Instagram was shared on a popular Zayn Malik fan Instagram. Here it is...

I've said it before and I'll say it again: incredible. Just incredible. Zayn leaves One Direction, ruins the lives of countless Zayniacs, and then just...goes on vacation?! With his fiancée, Perrie Edwards?! And his family?! I have no words. Luckily, fans have been speaking out on Instagram and Twitter about his heartless decision to go on vacation with his fiancée and his family after quitting One Direction (it doesn't sound less crazy no matter how many times I say it):


What more is there to say?

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