Michael Egan, the man who has accused four Hollywood power players—including X-Men director Bryan Singer—of raping him when he was a teenager, dropped one of the quartet of lawsuits today, according to the Los Angeles Times. The man no longer being targeted is David Neuman, a one-time executive at Disney and CNN.

The Times reached out to Egan's attorney Jeff Herman to ask why the suit against Neuman has been dropped, but heard no response. The Times posits that the reason Egan has pulled back from this specific suit is because Herman filed a motion to dismiss last month based on 2003 testimony from Egan stating that Neuman never sexually abused him.

Regardless, it's not exactly a surprise that Egan's claims are beginning to fall apart. Nearly every source we spoke with in investigating the Hollywood gay party scene believed that Egan was, at best, exaggerating his accusations.

Further, earlier Egan testimony has also made it easier to question his accounts. All four accused men—Singer, Neuman, Gary Goddard and Grant Ancier—have strenuously denied Egan's accusations.

[image via AP]