Bruce Jenner—who so far has declined to comment on his all-but-confirmed plans to transition into a woman—reportedly told LAPD officers investigating Saturday's fatal car crash that he's been taking a "very low dosage" of doctor-prescribed hormones to grow breasts.

The four car pile-up on Malibu's Pacific Coast Highway reportedly began when a Prius stopped suddenly on the road. A woman in a Lexus allegedly rear-ended the car and—in a collision captured by paparazzi—Jenner slammed into the Lexus, sending it spinning out into oncoming traffic, where its driver was fatally struck by a Hummer.

According to Radar Online, Jenner stated that he is in the process of transitioning when Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputies transported him to a hospital for a voluntary blood test.

During the blood draw, Bruce was asked if he was taking any medication and said that "he was taking very low dosage of hormones that his doctor had prescribed," a source told

Neither Jenner—who was reportedly planning to confirm the transitioning news with Diane Sawyer—nor the Kardashian family have directly commented on the stories about his gender identity.

Police are also requesting Jenner's phone records to determine if he was texting, though tabloid photos appear to show him holding a cigarette immediately prior to the crash. Even so, he's still facing the potential of involuntary manslaughter criminal charges.

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