It’s not a particularly “fresh” “joke” to point out the similarities between Justin Bieber’s appearance and that of Ellen DeGeneres, but if it’s the truth, what else can you do. Lie? Do you want us to tell you a lie? We are not liars. Justin Bieber got a haircut, and he looks more like Ellen Degeneres than ever.

The mystery of Justin Bieber’s haircut arose last week, when he left a hair salon with his little head hidden underneath a towel. Where did his head go? Oh—underneath the towel. His hair salon then Instagrammed a photo of his famous, shimmering filament littering their salon floor, captioned “guess who?” Not a difficult guess, as they also tagged Bieber in the photo. Bieber then Instagrammed a too-close photo of his head saying, “this is gone.” Underneath the towel? No—on the floor of the hair salon.

After a week’s full of sleepless nights, tossing and turning, wondering about haircuts, little snips, big snips, Justin finally revealed his new haircut yesterday on Instagram:

So, there it is. See?

Basically the same, but also looks a bit more like Ellen.

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