Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne have crappy neighbors; you can now go back to watching The Big Bang Theory but pretend you're only excited for football; and thank God, because the Labor Day box office was so crappy, One Direction almost took the top spot.

  • Seth Rogen's baby eats a condom, and other depraved things, in the new red band trailer of Neighbors [YouTube]
  • The standoff between CBS and Time Warner Cable has finally drawn to a close, and everyone got what they wanted! Except for Time Warner. It pays ($2 instead of $1) to be Les Moonves! [NYT]
  • Harry Connick Jr. has traded in a life of Doctors Without Borders and raising Grace Adler's child for a seat on the American Idol judges panel alongside Keith Urban and J.Lo for season 832. [THR]
  • Try as they might, ex-Mr. Taylor Swift and his merry band of misfits were unable to topple Oprah and The Butler at the box office, even though it looked close for a scary second. [Vulture]
  • Seth Meyers got married this weekend and it wasn't to Stefon. [People]

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