Allison Williams literally reveals it all in the name of work; "The dog ate my homework!" and other bad excuses from Justin Timberlake; Jon Hamm will be undergoing a procedure to surgically remove that beard from his neck; Amy Poehler rules all, even when rapping about butter.

  • According to Allison Williams, one of the big pieces of advice passed down to her by old boss Tina Fey was to "always wear a bra." Unfortunately, her new employers over at Girls don't allow them on set—according to Williams, "you can't find one anywhere on set." [Page Six]
  • Justin Timberlake was supposed to appear and perform on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night, but dropped out of performing (but not appearing and talking about his drug use!) at the last minute because he was "sick" and not at all because it would interfere with his free concert on Jimmy Kimmel tonight. [Deadline]
  • Jon Hamm's beard will be undergoing surgery this week to remove a single vocal cord polyp from his throat. He will not be pulling a Michael Douglas after and cast blame upon Jennifer Westfeldt's vagina. [LAT]
  • Amy Poehler showed up to a podcast of Comedy! Bang! Bang! and rapped about butter. That's it. Die a happy, cholesterol-soaked death. [Uproxx]

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