The parade of black women through 30 Rock's Studio 8H will soon be drawing to a close as Lorne Michaels is zeroing in on who he will add to the cast; what was supposed to be a commercial for The Secret Life of Walter Mitty turned into something much more poignant; the new season of Archer is almost upon us, and thank god; and humor pieces on the economics of Middle Earth should generally try to be, well, humorous.

  • And then there were three: Lorne Michaels final round of auditions for Saturday Night Live whittled the almost 25 applicants down to three black women, all alumni of the Upright Citizens Brigade: sketch comedian Kerry Coddett, stand up comedian Sasheer Zamata, and comedian Natasha Rothwell of the NBC Diversity Scholarship Program. Who Michaels cast is rumored to be announced this week. [Laughspin]
  • When asked to compete to create a promo for The Secret Life of Walter Mitty under the theme of "Live Your Dreams," filmmaker Casey Neistat instead asked for $25,000 and showed how every penny could be spent helping people in the Phillippines, and shot the conceptual film on his own dime instead. [THR]
  • Since we're just under a month away from the season premiere of one of the greatest shows of our time, Archer, here's a new video that depicts our friends at ISIS going through the same struggles you deal with every fucking day. [YouTube]
  • Slate has taken a deep dive into the questions concerning the potential of ensuing inflation for whomever steals all of Smaug's gold in the latest The Hobbit film. The economic analysis isn't even good, but points for trying to be funny. [Slate]

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