The road to absolute power is paved with hypocrisy…and casualties. Praise Frank Underwood, the House of Cards season two trailer is here to tide us over until February; SNL will have a black woman on the cast by January; Spider-Man is getting spinoff movies; and Adam Sandler will be overacting the role he was born to play: himself.

  • Looks like Beyonce wasn't the only one dropping a video surprise in the wee hours of this morning: Netflix released the season two trailer of House of Cards, with a tweet that read "And the butchery begins." The scheming comes out on Valentine's Day 2014. [Twitter]
  • After holding auditions two weeks ago for a black female cast member, NYT reporter Bill Carter tweeted last night that Lorne Michaels will be holding final auditions for Saturday Night Live on Monday night, and will add a black woman to the cast in January. [Twitter]
  • Badass writing partners Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, the masterminds who created Sleepy Hollow and Fringe, and wrote both Star Trek movies have been tapped by Sony to expand the Spider-Man franchise. Along with Ed Solomon, they will pen Venom (with Kurtzman to direct), based on a villain from the comic books that first appeared on the big screen in the Sam Raimi Spider-Man trilogy. [THR]
  • The only thing worse than having to watch Adam Sandler as a comedic actor, is having to watch Adam Sandler play the role of Adam Sandler, but I guess here we are all the same. Sandler will be bringing his overacting talents to the Super Bowl episode of Golden Globe-nominated Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and will be playing himself. [Uproxx]

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