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I see a few Groupthink voices fighting the good fight against idiocy so I figured I'd throw it up here in case anyone else is feeling feisty. This is the kind of shit driving away great commenters (Ninjacate).

Trying to write off certain incidents as being 'racism light' is NOT helping victims of 'real' racism any more than trying to write off date rape helps victims of (a real republican favorite term here) 'real' rape.

Also, the people specifically calling out Beejoli Shah as 'not qualified' to understand racism...I just can't.


But on a positive note, YAY for reposting with a new headline and opener! High five, Kinja.

ETA: The article itself is short, just a roundup type thing. In fact, that makes it even more surprising that it blew up like this...I shared it for the comment section, which follows my post below.


Breakdowns: SNL Thought Brownface Was A Good Idea, Not Racist At All

Breakdowns: SNL Thought Brownface Was A Good Idea, Not Racist At AllSaturday Night Live has found a new way to offend—and I don't just mean its subpar cast; The Mindy Project finally landed a guest star after two seasons of begging for one; your tweets are now being counted into what keeps a show on the air; and The Simpsons has been renewed the gazillionth time.

  • Saturday night's episode of Saturday Night Live wasn't just offensive because of how shitty it was—it also had Nasim Pedrad in (very poorly applied) brownface, to play Aziz Ansari. Racist jokes from a show that's been in the news for its lack of diversity? That's almost as good an idea as getting Miley Cyrus to host! [Aerogram]
  • Jenna Elfman becomes the 837th guest star on The Mindy Project. In related news, they will be changing the name of the show to The Stunt Casting Project. [Vulture]
  • Your tweets—you know, that website you visit to write about how fucking annoying your roommate is—are now going to be used by Nielsen to measure TV show metrics. Which means your thoughts are soon going to be monetized by advertisers. No, don't worry, the machines already won a long time ago, just go with it at this point. [Variety]
  • The Simpsons will not just go quietly into the night: the show has been renewed for an embarrassing 26th season. It is the Saturday Night Live of cartoons. [Rolling Stone]

Breakdowns is a daily roundup of all the news that wasn't interesting enough to deserve two paragraphs.

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