President Obama is ready to deploy the sexiest tool in his arsenal to get people on board with Obamacare; Julie Andrews teaches a master class in subtle snark; the producers of Homeland have found a new way to break your heart; and today we help you stalk your favorite campy action stars.

  • Sex sells—so in an effort to get Americans to bite on Obamacare, People's sexiest man alive Adam Levine is going to be one of the celebrities deployed in a new wave of marketing to drum up support for the Affordable Care Act and health care exchanges. No word on whether Levine will be personally administering your annual well woman exams, but at least now you'll have a sexy way to find out that they're fully covered by your new insurance! [The Wire]
  • For anyone who thought throwing shade was a phenomenon invented by the youths, take a lesson from Julie Andrews. When asked her thoughts on the Carrie Underwood remake of The Sound of Music, Andrews replied "Alas, I did not (see it). I had a speaking engagement and I couldn't. But my kids did record it. I'll get around to it." Not only did Andrews not see it, but she couldn't even be bothered to record it herself. Snaps all around, we're in the presence of a master. [USA Today]
  • If, like the rest of America, you're stuck in a Joan Jett-esque relationship with Homeland, good news. FX has just picked up a series from Homeland producers Howard Gordon and Gideon Raff, called Tyrant. The show centers around the US-living son of a Middle Eastern dictator. No, his dad is not Abu Nazir. No, he does not turn against America, then help America, then maybe turn against America, then maybe help America again. At least not till Season 3, anyways. [Zap2It]
  • If you ever wanted to stalk Johnny Depp, here's your chance: producer Gore Verbinski just revealed that mega-producer Jerry Bruckheimer, the man behind Top Gun, Armageddon, and The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, has a ritual on the opening night of every one of his movies: he takes his cast and crew to dinner at Mr. Chow's. It can't be that hard to sneak into Bruckheimer, party of 120. [THR]

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