Sarah Silverman shared some amazing words about female genitalia; you can now rent your favorite Bravo reality stars; the musical Justins spark international incidents: Timberlake by adding two concerts in notoriously homosexual-hating Russia, and Bieber by lying about hanging with Mexico's president.

  • Sarah Silverman went on Chris Hayes' All In on MSNBC last night to explain why she was hosting a telethon for women's reproductive rights, and shared this perfect sentiment: "I think vaginas really, really scare people, honestly." [Salon]
  • You can now rent your favorite Top Chef star, thanks to a Bravo partnership with startup Kitchit. For the right price, one of 30 former contestants will come to your home to host a dinner party, provide catering services, or cooking lessons. While most dinners cost around $200 a person, the ability to tell a contestant to "Pack your knives and leave" from your own home? Priceless. [THR]
  • Despite Russia's outdated and restrictive laws on homosexuality, Justin Timberlake just added two tour dates in Moscow and St. Petersburg. He has never performed in Russia prior to this. [THR]
  • Justin Bieber thinks all Mexican people look like the Mexican president and his family. Despite Bieb's tweets that he just met Enrique Nieto, the President's team quickly denied that via his own Twitter feed. Bieber's camp says the singer just mixed up another family with the President's. [TMZ]

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