Paramount's relentless Ron Burgundy overkill press blitz may finally be stopped; Ireland is a great place to visit if you don't mind being killed on the 9th day of your 10 day trip; Lars Von Trier wants to help you get porn in two parts; and Amanda Bynes has been released from rehab.

  • Good news: ESPN has helped halt this nation's crippling addiction to Ron Burgundy, if for one night at least. Will Ferrell as the mustachioed anchor will no longer be hosting SportsCenter tonight. Bad news: It's because an announcement may come about charges being filed against FSU quarterback Jameis Winston, who has been accused of rape. [Vulture]
  • Ireland will be vaguely using Game Of Thrones to boost tourism in the northern part of the country, where the show is filmed. Though they don't say exactly how they plan to do that, may we suggest a fun for the whole family game, where the person being the most annoying in the station wagon has their head impaled on a spike at King's Landing? [BBC]
  • If paying money to watch semi-attractive people fuck unattractive people (instead of just going on RedTube like everyone else), you'll love this: Lars Von Triers' Nymphomaniac is now being split into two films. [Deadline]
  • Amanda Bynes has been released from rehab to the care of her family, and we sincerely wish her well during this difficult time. [THR]

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