Drugs! Cheating! Scandal! The new Rob Ford talk show will fit quite nicely into the reality TV ecosystem; Harry Potter is bringing a little of his magic stateside; someone finally remembered to check with Julie Andrews about The Sound of Music remake; and Chris Hardwick continues to be everywhere, on every network.

  • Upstanding mayor Rob Ford will be getting his own reality show beginning next week with his councilor brother Doug Ford, entitled The Rob and Doug Ford Show. Some would call the show a bad idea, but I say nonsense! Who wouldn't want to follow around North America's most fun mayor? Plus, he's clearly disproven the "Well…it can't get any worse" platitude, so why not? [Uproxx]
  • The US Postal Service will be releasing a limited edition set of Harry Potter movie-themed "Forever" stamps next week. They are amazing until you remember there's still no more Harry Potter and then everything is awful again. [Slashfilm]
  • In an attempt to avoid another remake-disapproval debacle, it just now occurred to the folks at NBC to get Julie Andrews on record approving the Carrie Underwood The Sound of Music remake, which airs next month. Luckily, Andrews was too busy running Genovia to disapprove. A real NBC Christmas miracle! [Zap2It, h/t: Vulture]
  • In an attempt to not lose more homegrown talent, Comedy Central just renewed their brand new Chris Hardwick talk show, @midnight for another 40 weeks. [Deadline]

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