He may be the leader of the free world, but Barack Obama knows he's not the one who knocks; none of Matt Lauer's friends showed up for his birthday party; Peter Jackson probably would show up to Stephen Colbert's birthday party; and The Boss is not happy at all.

  • While waiting for a webpage to load, most people toggle between Netflix/YouTube/porn, so you'd think in the almost three months that the Affordable Care website hasn't really worked, Barack Obama would have finished Breaking Bad. But no, he's still working his way through it, and being that annoying friend who is constantly asking you to please avoid talking about the ending Biden, you know I'm still working on it, don't be a dick. [NYT]
  • Birthday parties are normally a joyous affair, unless you're Matt Lauer and alienated all your friends, and now nobody wants to throw you a surprise party. Nobody who is currently on The Today Show could be bothered to show up to old Matty's birthday party this morning, so NBC had to invite past anchors (some who didn't even work with Lauer!) Bryant Gumbel and Jane Pauley to fake smile this morning instead. Meredith Viera Skyped in from bed, because she gets it. [TheWrap]
  • Officially ruining all future gifts in the Colbert household, The Hobbit director Peter Jackson gave loudly self-proclaimed J.R.R. Tolkien nerd Stephen Colbert the best gift ever: a full-family cameo in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. [Screencrush]
  • Bruce Springsteen is really not thrilled with Amazon right now, after his latest album High Hopes, set to release January 14th, accidentally showed up available for download on Amazon over the weekend, and is now all over file-sharing sites for free pirated download. On the bright side, he probably just earned himself free Amazon Prime for life. [NYT]

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