Pamela Anderson's curvaceous cantaloupes will be bouncing up to her chin yet again. The Republicans Grinched us out of our Hilary documentaries. YouTube is awarding things to people for god knows what reason. Tom Hanks may or may not serenade his wife with "Your sex takes me to paradise."

  • Canadian of the Century Pamela Anderson is training for the 26-mile New York Marathon, in the hopes of raising $500,000 for charity. Doesn't she know that her and Nicole Eggert running in red swimsuits would probably gain double that in just 26 seconds? [LAT]
  • The Republicans ruined everything on the Hill today, and on the small screen. RNC Chairman Reince Preibus declared a "major victory" over mainstream media in GOP pressure forcing CNN and NBC to scrap their Hilary Clinton specials. [Variety]
  • YouTube, in an attempt to keep up with the incredibly fresh and relevant MTV Music Awards, has decided to host their own meaningless dystopian battle for fiberglass accolades: the cleverly titled YouTube Music Awards. Spike Jonze will direct the show, while Jason Schwartzman will attempt to pronounce Vevo in many different iterations over the course of his hosting tenure. [Variety]
  • Tom Hanks is really digging Bruno Mars. [Vulture]

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