If you haven't vomited on Ryan Reynolds yet, now is your chance; Angela Lansbury is on the case to change the title of the new Murder, She Wrote remake; Star Wars is looking for you to star in Star Wars VII; Joss Whedon has drawn the ire of feminists, while giving a speech in support of equality and feminism.

  • Despite reports to the contrary, no one has vomited on Ryan Reynolds…yet. Get on it, America. [Vulture]
  • Jessica Fletcher is not happy about NBC rebooting Murder, She Wrote under the same name as the original. Angela Lansbury told The AP over the weekend that the original was a special show, and titling the reboot under the same name is a mistake. [THR]
  • Think you have what it takes to hold your own with Han Solo? The Star Wars reboot has opened up online auditions, after thousands showed up at their auditions in the UK. What are you waiting for? The role of Rachel or Thomas could be you! (It probably won't be you.) [Rolling Stone]
  • Joss Whedon gave a beautiful speech at the Make Equality A Reality convention about supporting women and making feminism the norm, and some feminists are already displeased at his remarks. Faux-outrage is alive and well this morning. [Salon]