It's Monday and everything is awful. More people are trying to use Finn Hudson's death for good PR, shitty agencies are getting fired by shitty clients who haven't been relevant in years, Miley is just ughhhhh can't, but luckily Bruno Mars will save us all come January.

  • Bruno Mars is the masochistic performer who decided following Beyonce as the Super Bowl XLVIII halftime performer was a good idea. Somewhere, somewhere Michelle Williams is perfecting her Single Ladies dance, one year too late. [LA Times]
  • Some bitch you've never heard of tells a very moving and original tale of how filming sex scenes is hard, and oh by the way, the sex scene was with Cory Monteith. And here I thought Ryan Murphy had the monopoly on milking Cory's death to up his own PR. [THR]
  • Jeff Berg's social experiment, sorry NEW-ISH AGENCY WHATEVER, is hemorrhaging clients. Tommy Boy director Pete Segal just went over to WME after coming to Resolution mere months ago. Maybe you shouldn't name your agency after something Samsung is constantly working to improve. Just a thought. [Deadline]
  • Miley Cyrus performed with a band of little people in Germany. I will not devote any more words to this because it's just what she wants. [EW]
  • Anna Wintour kicked Miley off the cover of Vogue because somebody had to stand up to her at some point. The devil wears Prada, not leotards from the Chuck E Cheese collection. [Daily Mail]

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