If Showtime had their way, Brody wouldn't exist and he definitely wouldn't exist past the first season; The Princess Diaries V. 5 has hit some major roadblocks; WikiLeaks is mad at Hollywood.

  • Damian Lewis reveals the worst kept secret of all time: Brody was actually supposed to die at the end of Season 1 of Homeland. Season 2 would have just been 8 hours of Carrie ugly-crying instead. [Rolling Stone]
  • Nancy Meyers has dropped out of directing Sony's untitled "Royal Wedding Project" over creative differences about who should be cast as the American girl who falls in love with a prince. Mia Thermopolis before she cut off all her hair and became insufferable, maybe? [THR]
  • When you write a movie about people who disseminate classified government documents to the public and those people don't like your movie, they will probably disseminate your crappy script to the public as well. Well played, WikiLeaks. [THR]
  • Gwyneth Paltrow could have almost been Gwyneth Szekely, if she just hadn't blown off Louis C.K. all those years ago. [Vulture]

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