Lionsgate wants to open a theme park for children about children killing children; Matthew McConaughey's drawl is being celebrated in Palm Springs; Cynthia Nixon is such a Miranda; and Kristen Schaal hopes to slay you in her new ABC comedy.

  • Lionsgate is in talks to open up two Hunger Games theme parks, because what says souvenir photo better than watching your children fight each other to the death? [THR]
  • The Palm Springs Film Festival will be honoring Matthew McConaughey this year, mainly to celebrate how far a man come in his career once he stops playing bongos naked in the dark. [Variety]
  • As always, Miranda is the last to know something: when Anna Sophia Robb of The Carrie Diaries approached Cynthia Nixon at a Broadway show and told Nixon that she was on the Sex and the City reboot and was a huge fan, Nixon had no idea there was even a reboot of her show. [Vanity Fair]
  • Kristen Schaal will be the murderer next door in her new comedy project American Monster, which she is co-writing with husband Rich Blomquist for ABC. The show will star Schaal, and is produced by 21 Jump Street's Phil Lord and Chris Miller. [Deadline]

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