Amy Poehler singing campy movie musical classics is one of the best things ever, tied for first place with everything else Poehler does; Sony will be cutting back its movies in favor of focusing on television; Monty Python wants you to like their new material as much as their classics; and Google Chromecast just added HBO Go to their list of offerings, giving some serious competition to Roku and AppleTV.

  • Parks and Recreation just released this amazing clip of Amy Poehler and Jon Glaser aka Councilman Jamm doing a costumed Summer Nights duet, with Poehler taking on the role of Danny Zuko, and Glaser as Sandy, of course. [YouTube]
  • Despite George Clooney's angry critique of Sony's major investor Daniel Loeb wanting to cut costs at Sony, the studio will be doing just that. As of 2014, the focus will be less on movies and more on television, in an effort to curb spending. [Deadline]
  • Monty Python will be reuniting for a live show next July, almost 35 years after their last show at The Hollywood Bowl, and have a valid concern: that people may not like their new material as much as they do the classic hits—especially after John Cleese has cited knee and back problems as a barrier to doing those famous funny walks. [NYT]
  • Google Chromecast just stepped up in a major way to compete with Roku and AppleTV—the $35 streaming widget is now offering HBOGo, alongside its current apps: Netflix, Hulu Plus, Hulu, YouTube, and Google Play. There is literally no reason not to buy this. [Variety]