Kevin Spacey is taking a page from the Francis Underwood Negotiations Playbook; Channing Tatum is exercising his groin…for you; the greatest wedding of our time is well on its way; and you can now buy movies and shows you don't really want for a very expensive price from Comcast.

  • This is how you lobby for a role in a Woody Allen movie: Kevin Spacey wrote to Allen and introduced himself as an actor that Allen "may or may not know," and gifted the director with a Netflix subscription, so that he could watch his work. (Spacey could have saved himself the $7.99 if he would just master the art of rhyming and wearing motorcycle vests, a la Andrew Dice Clay.) [GQ]
  • As a hump day gift, Channing Tatum is doing the splits here a la Jean Claude Van Damme to help you get through the work week. [YouTube]
  • The best crossover episode of television that Josh Schwartz could have ever dreamt up is going to be happening in real life: The O.C.'s Adam Brody and Gossip Girl's Leighton Meester are getting engaged—and Brody didn't even have to steal her from his best friend, break up with her and go into hiding, get shot, move back to America, sell her for a hotel, or kill his father to do it. [Radar]
  • In an effort to compete with iTunes, Comcast Xfinitiy has started allowing customers to buy movies, as well as older episodes of certain TV shows. While the offerings are limited now, other pay-cable providers such as Dish network, are rumored to be ready to follow suit. [THR]

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