Poor fans of Nirvana (okay, so just Courtney Love), today is your lucky day; bitches be fightin' over at Universal; and Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon have reached the point of oversaturation.

  • Want to get inked but can't decide if you should go with Grandma's name on your ass or a Trouble With The Curve quote on your bicep? Nirvana will tattoo their band logo on you for free instead, if you buy the 20th anniversary edition of In Utero. [THR]
  • The relationship between Universal's Donna Langley and Adam Fogelson was so strained, each was actively campaigning to president Ron Meyer to get the other fired. Langley won. [THR]
  • As movie productions continue to flee Los Angeles faster than O.J. Simpson in an SUV (yeah, I know, that was not good, it's a rough morning), Kevin Hart is filming his latest The Wedding Ringer in LA, thanks to winning the completely arbitrary production tax break lottery. See? Mayor Eric Garcetti can do more for Hollywood than just act in The Closer. [LA Times]
  • Jimmy Fallon did another "Evolution of" dance video, this time with Justin Timberlake. Subject? Endzone dancing. It was very, very bad. And this is coming from someone whose every screen name in junior high ended with "luvJRT." [YouTube]

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