Nicole Kidman got knocked down but she got up again cuz you ain't never gonna keep her down; The CW was already (no sarcasm here) stretching the bounds of enjoyable and emotional programming (looking at you Hart of Dixie!) and now is fantastically tackling being a transgender teen; Jew thinks making fun of Jew things is okay because he's a Jew.

  • The CW is developing a drama this season about a transgender Texas teen, born sexed female but gendered male. Say what you want about their other shows, this is an excellent step for network television. [THR]
  • Some dumb asshole "comedian" who I will not even name because, just, no, made a Hunger Games parody and unwittingly named it The Jewish Hunger Games: Kvetching Fire. Always a good idea to celebrate your religious holiday with a comedy that incites imagery of the Holocaust (which, for what it's worth, literally means "burnt whole"). [YouTube]
  • A bike paparazzi accidentally mowed down Nicole Kidman outside of the Carlyle Hotel last night. Despite being so angry she wanted to press charges, Kidman's face still didn't move a muscle throughout her entire tirade. [TMZ]

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