Girls finds more ways to grate; Entourage is finally going to be turned into a movie; the latest Breaking Bad meme is hilarious; Jimmy Kimmel may have sparked an international incident.

  • If Girls gets a season 4 pickup from HBO, Andrew Rannels will be reprising his role as the incessantly grating Elijah as a series regular, rather than just the recurring guest star role he'll have in the upcoming Season 3. Though Rannels was previously best known for his breakout role in the Tony-award winning Book of Mormon, he's now most well known for the fact that he plays every single role the exact same way, just slightly varying his nasal pitchiness as the situation calls for it. [Deadline]
  • Let me be the 837th person to make a "The boys are back!" reference: Entourage the movie is on. I'm starting a futile daily prayer that Girls will not follow in the Sex and the City and Entourage footsteps. [Twitter]
  • While most memes are generally terrible, and Hollywood memes are even worse, I think we can all get behind this latest Breaking Bad meme: Walter White Dad Jokes. Better than the jokes themselves are the reaction shots. Watching Skyler White choke back nausea at a pun is priceless. [Uproxx]
  • ABC has apologized for the small human that suggested we kill all of China in an effort to relieve our debt on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Who knew a six-year old could spark an international incident? [Deadline]

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