How I Met Your Mother will be doing something extremely annoying, because hey, last season; Berlin instead of Hungary is the new home of The Grand Budapest Hotel; monthly DirecTV payments are equal to the monthly lease on a mid-size sedan; and you just might be getting the Ramones movie you didn't know you wanted.

  • Facing no risk of cancellation because they're in their last season, CBS' How I Met Your Mother will be giving you a reason to skip their show a few weeks down the line, because one entire episode will be done in rhyme. Irritated that line and rhyme don't really rhyme themselves? Imagine having to hear couplets like that non-stop for 22 minutes. [E!]
  • Wes Anderson's The Grand Budapest Hotel continues to be the Wes Andersoniest Wes Anderson movie of Wes Anderson's career; its worldwide premier will open the Berlin Film Festival next February, the hipster alternative to film fests that aren't Cannes, Toronto, or, god forbid, SXSW. [THR]
  • Even though we just told you its not worth cutting the cord yet, this new report might make us change our minds: the average DirecTV bill is now slightly more than $102 a household. The machines have won. [Variety]
  • All those Joey Ramone Halloween costumes may soon be paying off if director Timothy Greenfield-Sanders gets his way. The Lou Reed documentarian ran into Marky Ramone at a recent party and waxed poetic about how he always wanted to do a Ramones movie. [Page Six]

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