True Detective looks more like true sex (with some grisly murder stuff sprinkled in); Jason Sudeikis knocked up Oliva Wilde (and women across America now hate Olivia Wilde); Paramount is suing Brad Pitt because they didn't believe in him (twice, now, for anyone keeping count); and Netflix blames movie theaters for hating Netflix because they're all not Netflix.

  • HBO just released the second trailer for the Matthew McConaughey-Woody Harrelson limited run series, True Detective, and it looks just as great as the first. Other event series (looking at you, American Horror Story) can just go right ahead and step the fuck off. [YouTube]
  • All that Kenyan marathon runner sex must have paid off, because Jason Sudeikis knocked up his baby mama Olivia Wilde. Which dashes any hopes I had of him and ex-wife Kay Cannon, screenwriter of Pitch Perfect, reuniting and giving birth to Anna Kendrick. [People]
  • Now that everyone agrees 12 Years A Slave is the movie to beat this awards season, Paramount's Brad Grey is coming after his BFF Brad Pitt's production company, Plan B, and suing for being cut out of a chance to finance the film, claiming breach of contract by Plan B by not allowing the studio to do so. Interestingly, nary a peep from Grey until now, though the movie took shape, oh, 5 years ago. [THR]
  • Netflix chief Ted Sarandos threw serious shade at movie theater owners, accusing them of "strangling innovation" because they balked at the idea of him releasing features on Netflix at the same time they appear in theaters. Yes, seeing all your profits walk out the door and not loving that is the same as killing innovation. [THR]

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