Ben Affleck will not be helping Adam Driver save Hannah from her OCD, and really, herself; The Walking Dead's Frank Darabont teaches a master class in how to express your disgust at being fired; Anchorman 2 must really be a steaming pile of shit, since they just made yet another lame marketing tie-in; and let's be honest, Almost Human is just Small Wonder set in a station house, right?

  • Despite his extensive experience running through the streets of Gotham to rescue women who really don't deserve it, Adam Driver will not be playing Nightwing in the upcoming Batman vs. Superman. [Vulture]
  • Dan Harmon, take note. The Walking Dead creator Frank Darabont finally broke his silence on being ousted from the hit show he created, and when asked why he no longer watches the AMC show, replied, "For the same reason that if the woman I love left me for the Pilates instructor and they sent me an invitation to their wedding, for the same reason I wouldn't go to the wedding." [Rolling Stone]
  • Why yes, the best way to get a large number of people to watch your movie is by renaming a school with a student body of just 3,675 after it. Emerson College will be changing the name of a department to the Ron Burgundy School of Communication for one day. [THR]
  • Despite going head to head with Peyton Manning and the Broncos, Fox's new drama Almost Human earned a respectable 3.1 share for its inaugural episode. [Variety]

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