The Nikki Finke-Jay Penske Deadline battle has taken a cinematic turn; Roger Ebert's family is trying to get his thumbs up memorialized in bronze; please stop all liquid intake at least 12 hours before The Wolf of Wall Street; and How I Met Your Mother continues to irk.

  • Whomever is running the Fake Nikki Finke and Fake Jay Penske Twitter accounts, take note—this is how you do a parody. Funny or Die released a hilarious trailer for Deadline: The Movie, starring Jean Smart as a suburban mom with a secret: she's Nikki Finke. The trailer packs all the drama you'd expect from a Finke-Penske brawl, without actually subjecting Hollywood to another round of Penske's backroom blogger browbeating. [Funny or Die]
  • Stumped on what to get the movie buff whose seen everything this holiday season? Now you can give a donation in their name to help build a bronze statue of film critic Roger Ebert outside of his hometown movie theater in Champaign, Illinois. [THR]
  • It wouldn't be a Martin Scorsese movie if you didn't need to practice bladder control well before you head to the theater. His upcoming The Wolf of Wall Street clocks in at just one minute under three hours. [NYT]
  • After 199 episodes trapped in the ever-grating mind of Ted Mosby, How I Met Your Mother will spend its 200th episode focused entirely on how the mother came to meet Ted. Sort of stepping all over your own spinoff there, guys. [TVLine]

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