Demi Lovato is poised to write the next Great American Novel, 140 characters at a time; John Grisham's oeuvre is taking its act from just Hudson News bookstores in airports across America to The Great White Way; and as always, nobody thinks more highly of Mike Fleming Jr. at Deadline than, well, Mike Fleming Jr.

  • Demi Lovato, at the wise old age of 21, has signed a multi-book deal and will be releasing a memoir. Oh and the first book will actually just be a collection of tweets she's already sent. Her next book will be a dictionary in which the word "book" has a very different meaning. [THR]
  • A Time To Kill is coming to Broadway. Say what you will about John Grisham adaptations, but this is one I'm excited for. The only way it could be better is if Matthew McConaughey was there to shoot tequila and drawl "Ro-ahhhhk" at Sandy B., but I'll settle for Sebastian Arcelus. [EW]
  • An angry blogger for called 911 at the Toronto Film Festival because people were using their phones during a screening of The Sacrament. This is what happens when you give people with .net addresses a press pass. [AP]
  • Deadline is now just writing posts patting themselves on the back for a job not actually that well done. After reporting on the shakeup at NBCUniversal, The Deadline Team posted this paragraph as a full article:

Mike Fleming did a superb job on today’s breaking news at Universal and NBCUniversal. Nikki Finke was out of pocket on vacation and will have behind-the-scenes and analysis/commentary posting shortly. Stay tuned.

Except that it doesn't seem like a job that well done, given that Variety broke the story, and Fleming admitted earlier in the day:

To say this is a stunner is an understatement. I saw the Universal gang last night in Toronto for a drink before the premiere of the Ron Howard-directed Rush, and if he knew there was something amiss at the time, Fogelson is a world-class actor.

But cool. You do you, Deadline.

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