If all you wanted from Santa was a Sherlock mini-episode and a glimpse of Dean Pelton, today is your lucky day. Merry Christmas! And I'll take this opportunity to also wish a very Merry Christmas to those of you who watched The Sound of Music Live! even though you've ruined TV forever.

  • The trailer for season 5 of Community has been released, and it's just like a promo for Mad Men. Which is totally cool and exciting because Trudy Campbell is in both! Also cool: watching NBC desperately hope they'll have a hit show that isn't a live musical. [TVLine]
  • Speaking of live musicals, with the Live+7 DVR playback factored in, NBC's The Sound of Music Live! was watched by 21.84 million viewers. This makes it NBC's most watched Thursday night since the Frasier finale in 2004. The problem is that Frasier was actually a good show and instead of making more shows like Frasier, NBC will start making more musicals starring American Idols. Can I imagine myself watching Easter 2015's Jesus Christ Superstar Live! starring Bo Bice? Yes, of course. Is it a terrible idea? Yes, of course. [TVLine]
  • Viacom and Time Warner have announced a new carriage agreement and you should be excited because it means the TWC TV app will suck a lot less (this is by no means a significant feat). The deal will also make the entertainment network EPIX available to Time Warner Cable subscribers. [Deadline]
  • Here's a cool tidbit about the bully from A Christmas Story that you can share with your family as you watch A Christmas Story a million times in a row starting tonight at 8 p.m. on TBS. "Isn't it nice that a movie bully is against real bullies, mom?" She'll think it's so nice. [NBC]
  • Fox has passed on the Navy drama pilot Wild Blue due the difficulty of finding both a big star and a big aircraft carrier for filming. The bright side is that Josh Salatin is now available to come back for season 3 of The Carrie Diaries. And what would I like for Christmas, you might wonder? Easy. A third season of The Carrie Diaries. [Hollywood Reporter]
  • Here's Lizzy Caplan acting out memes and isn't she great? She's better in scenes with Ulysses, but beggars can't be choosers, especially on Christmas Eve. This video will at least help deal with the Masters of Sex withdrawals. [Bullett]
  • In case you're wondering, Jonah Hill is a very serious actor now and his prosthetic dick should be taken very seriously. [The Daily Beast]
  • And in case you're one of those people, the BBC has released a mini-episode of Sherlock in anticipation of the show's January premiere. [Buzzfeed]
  • Finally, Miley Cyrus has a new dance and it's terrible. Terrible, terrible faux hair/washing nonsense. Start practicing now. [TMZ]

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