Mr. Hall and Miss Geist may have never gotten together if Cher had ended up on My So-Called Life instead of Clueless; Stefon is too embarrassed to watch himself shamelessly hit on Seth Meyers; Clint and Dina continue to make it weird.

  • Being less attractive is what won Claire Danes the role of Angela Chase in My So-Called Life over Alicia Silverstone. And she grew up playing in a box of rice. [The New Yorker]
  • Bill Hader cannot watch video of himself playing SNL mainstay/gay icon/my imaginary best friend Stefon. It's too bad because those sketches had everything. [Daily Beast]
  • Clint Eastwood and ex-wife Dina Eastwood are apparently lobbying hard for a new reality show appearance: Wife Swap. Or at least they must be, given that Clint's new slam piece is Dina's new boyfriend's ex-wife. Oh, what a tangled web. [Page Six]
  • With the launch of his show Brooklyn-9-9 right around the corner, Mike Schur just renewed his overall with Universal Television through 2016. Great news for Parks fans, but still a missed opportunity to name his production company Entertainment 720. [THR]

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