Contrary to popular belief, CBS does not greenlight shows solely on the basis of flatulence; anti-bullying initiatives find a new medium for their message; asshole extraordinaire director rises to the top despite being an asshole; and Disney decides to tackle the truly dark stuff: angry princesses.

  • In an epic interview, The Millers creator Greg Garcia wants to make clear that despite a fart joke runner in the pilot, his show isn't just about farting. If we laugh so hard that we can't hold it in, is that okay? [TV Guide]
  • The Washington National Opera is staging their latest opera on the life of Private Danny Chen, who took his own life in 2011 after being constantly hazed by other soldiers. While this doesn't seem like the best idea, in the spirit of anti-bullying, I will remain cautiously optimistic. [Vulture]
  • Man whose pants may or may not be on fire and douchebag of the century Peter Landesman will be directing another movie that will also probably suck. [Deadline]
  • Reese Witherspoon and Don't Trust The B— In Apartment 23 creator Nanatchka Khan will be showing the dark side of happily ever after in their new Disney movie Happily Ever After, set 10 years after a princess rides off with her Prince Charming. As it turns out, marriage sucks for everyone, even fairy tale characters. [THR]