With Showtime canceling Californication, wherever will we find a show about sex and California now?; Tim Meadows is not happy with Saturday Night Live, but not for the reason you think; Video Game of Thrones is here; and Steve Jobs can help you turn your book into a movie.

  • Showtime's geriatric porno Californication will end its run in 2014, after a final 12-episode season commencing in April. The show will take a meta turn in its final season, centering on the writer's room of Hank Moody's crappy TV show, "Santa Monica Cop." There is also a good chance David Duchovny will have sex at least once. Maybe twice.
  • After not being invited back to perform in the "Brasky Bar Guys" sketch on this past weekend's wholly unremarkable episode of Saturday Night Live, Tim Meadows has sworn off ever watching another episode of SNL. Though his reasoning may be a little different, welcome to where the rest of America already was, Timmy. [TMZ]
  • It's taking all my effort to not call this Video Game of Thrones, but HBO and video game creator Telltale have partnered up to release an episodic Game of Thrones video game in 2014. Telltale is the company behind the popular The Walking Dead video games, so while cast members and plotlines have not been finalized, this should tide you over after David Benioff and D.B. Weiss inexplicably kill off your favoite character in episode nine of the fourth season. [Vulture]
  • Want to turn your book into a movie? Just get a tech mogul to support it. Steve Jobs was known to give copies of Autobiography of a Yogi to friends and family before his death—the book has now been turned into a small indie (no pun intended) (okay, kiiind of intended) called The Answer. [THR]

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