Getting Bill Murray to do your movie only costs a tiny bit more than getting him to come to your kegger; There's a happy ending for Eliza Coupe (sorry, sorry); Sean Hayes is the last person to realize having a show on NBC actually is worse than having no show at all; The Scandal recaps are coming from within the building.

  • Wes Anderson only paid $9,000 to get Bill Murray to do Rushmore, which may seem like a steal, until you consider the fact that Bill Murray will show up to your place for free if you just throw a party. [Vulture]
  • Eliza Coupe, one of the four best cast members of the all-too-quickly cancelled Happy Endings (what? Dave and Alex were dead weight and you all know it, they should have been disposed of along with their disposable hook), will be coming to USA as a lawyer in the middle of a meltdown. This actually sounds EXCELLENT. [THR]
  • Sean Saves The World isn't doing so hot and Sean Hayes thinks its because its hard to get eyeballs on NBC. Bloggers are up in arms because NBC is # 1 in the ratings, but most fail to focus on the reason for that being Sunday Night Football and The Voice. No one is watching Hayes' Thursday night block...and that is NBC's fault. [The TVPage]
  • Apparently it's not handled, because the anonymous contentious Scandal411 blogger, whose recaps and website were very popular amongst Scandal superfans, has just been revealed to be an ABC employee herself—Courtney Pajor, a Director of Special Sales. Very Mellie movie, if you ask me. [TheWrap]

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