Aziz Ansari releases the second preview of his upcoming standup special and it's magical; The Flight of the Conchords isn't back, but Bret McKenzie is with a new animated show; Jonah Hill's jeans should win a best at supporting an actor's paunch Oscar; and Amy Poehler has really rubbed Rob Lowe the wrong way.

  • Aziz Ansari has just released the second preview of his upcoming Netflix standup special, Buried Alive, where he riffs on all the racial stereotypes he employs. Comedy and hypocrisy must go hand in hand, given that Ansari just burned The Roast of James Franco dais for using lame racial stereotypes, but hey, small guy in a funny suit. Just laugh. [YouTube]
  • Fox continues its reign on comedy animation: Flight of the Conchords' Bret McKenzie is developing an animated show for the network centered on an about to close NASA space center. [TV Guide]
  • Paramount has released its second trailer for The Wolf of Wall Street, just a day after locking down its Christmas release and it is nothing short of acid washed excellence. [iTunes]
  • Rob Lowe thinks Amy Poehler is a prick. Can you blame him? [Deadline]

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