Arrested Development will definitely, maybe be back on Netflix whether you like it or not; Sony is shooting celebrities into space, godwilling; Tommy Pickles might be Adam Levine's new BFF, and Officer Gordon is getting his own show because, like, fuck that Batman dude.

  • Go home Bluths, you're drunk. Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos says there's "no question" that Arrested Development will be back. In related news, Sarandos did not do so well in Econ 101—especially when they covered the law of diminishing returns. [EW]
  • Outer space is the new vampires. Bored by the confines of gravity, Sony TV is launching a new reality show SET IN SPACE*. (*Not actually set in space, but about going to space, even though none of the winners will ultimately get to go to space. Never mind, this show sucks.) [Deadline]
  • The voice of Rugrats' Tommy Pickles was on The Voice last night. Meta. [Vulture]
  • Just kidding, superhero universes are the new vampires. FOX has given a series order to a Batman prequel focused on Commissioner Gordon. [THR]

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