Ann Coulter got white girl wasted and got to tweetin'—this time about Breaking Bad, oh god brace yourselves; The Voice isn't AS unsuccessful as you think, just pretty close; and sorry Colin Firth loves, but he's dead.

  • Thank GOD that batty Ann Coulter captured what an entire nation was thinking: that Breaking Bad was just a secret campaign for pro-gun activists all along. Funny, and here I thought it was the Democrats last stand for the Affordable Care Act, just in time for today's likely government shutdown! Guys, I totally get political symbolism. [Twitter]
  • Who said the winners of The Voice don't actually boost their status after they win? Well, The Daily Beast did. And now winner Danielle Bradbery will be filming a cameo appearance on CW's Hart of Dixie. Who's laughing their day rate all the way to the bank now? [THR]
  • Bridget Jones will not be getting her happily ever after. Author Helen Fielding revealed that in the third installment of the novel, Mad About A Boy, Mark Darcy will be dead. Don't worry! Renee Zellweger's face hasn't shown emotion since 2009, so she'll get through this just fine. [Atlantic]

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