Famke Janssen is being haunted by the scariest ghost of all: herself; Aaron Paul finds new ways to yell 'Bitch'; Jeff Bridges breaks his silence and comes out with the greatest truth of all—that R.I.P.D. was maybe, kind of, sort of not the best?

  • Famke Janssen recently had NYPD up in arms when she reported that her home was broken into and the burglar left behind a creepy old book. After one month and eight days of tough police work, detectives finally thought to open said book, found Janssen's to-do lists inside, and concluded that it was indeed hers. [NY Post]
  • In a clever ruse to keep yelling 'bitch' in as many places as possible, Aaron Paul went on Kimmel last night to share his secret talent: picking out a dog's sex by just petting it. And the countdown to Kimmel revealing this was fake too? 3...2... [Hulu]
  • Adam Pally will be joining the cast of The Mindy Project as a series regular since his yet-unaired arc went extremely well. Yes he will be playing an OB/GYN. No, he will not be performing pap smears out of the back of a limo, though really, that would be super convenes and very Mindy chic, so maybe he can get on that? [TVLine]
  • Jeff Bridges admits that R.I.P.D. was not good, caveating that "The studio made some choices I wouldn't have made." Unless your missed choice was not doing the movie in the first place, you're just as culpable Jeff. [GQ]

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