Oh my god, did you hear that Bradley Cooper and Suki Waterhouse made out at Coachella, even though they broke up in March? It's true. (Allegedly.)

Maybe it was the Indio air. Maybe it was the flowy dresses, or the flower headbands, or other things one associates—in a way that is admittedly somewhat hack—with Coachella. Maybe it was all the dudes you never want to talk to. Whatever it was, it seems Coachella mended Bradley Cooper and 23-year-old model girlfriend Suki Waterhouse's broken hearts—and sealed it with a kiss. A Coachella kiss.

From a Page Six alleged witness:

A witness told us they saw Cooper and Waterhouse "making out at Coachella backstage during [rock band] Interpol's set."

Ah, it's just like Interpol once sang: "I'm gonna pull you in close / Gonna wrap you up tight / Gonna make out with you, Suki Waterhouse tonight." The witness continues:

They were also seen looking cozy together while lining up for food, and reportedly dined together in Los Angeles on Thursday before heading to Coachella.

Man, you even have to line up for food when you're a reunited Bradley Cooper and Suki Waterhouse? Damn. Coachella seems like it stinks.

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