If you had a dollar for every time someone pointed out that you look exactly like Brad Pitt, what would you do with your riches? That’s easy. You’d head to a shopping mall, try out to be an extra for World War Z, and then complain, once cast, that you weren’t given the star treatment. Because when you’re pretty much Brad Pitt’s identical twin, the world should roll out the red carpet.

Or so says Scottish soliciter David Paterson, 26, who took an entire day off work to be a body double for Pitt during World War Z filming. He got the gig by making a “spur-of-the-moment decision to try out as an extra during a shopping trip in Glasgow and didn't expect anything to come of it.” But imagine this doppelganger's surprise when he got the phone call requesting his services. After getting the okay from his bosses to leave work for filming, he got straight to work:

"I basically had to be Brad... and copy everything he did on screen. Brad was there the entire time... I was following his actions. I wore identical clothes to him... I had the same physique as him... I had a job to do and I just did it to the best of my ability...”

And how was this lawyer, this lawyer with Brad Pitt’s exact features, rewarded for trying his bestest to be Pitt?

"I was paid £80... I didn't get a VIP pass for the film (premiere), nothing like that at all, and I haven't seen it yet. I walked away with around £80, no autograph and no VIP invites..."

Granted, getting paid the equivalent of $124 for 18 hours of work fails to meet minimum wage requirements and is totally illegal. But voluntarily deciding to be a body double and then expressing indignation for not getting an autograph? When there were only 500 or so other extras who also wanted autographs? It’s almost like nobody knows who this guy is.

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