Going the way of the black rhinoceros and Deadline.com as we know it, Blockbuster is joining the list of things that will be all-but extinct by the end of the year. The Wall Street Journal reports that just in time for the holidays, Blockbuster will be closing its remaining 300 brick and mortar rental outlets, as well as ending its DVD-by-mail program.

Given the fact that movie rentals are rapidly shifting to digital distribution, and that no one has really been using Blockbuster since they stopped pleasantly requesting that you be kind and rewind, the company has sold off most of its assets both in the US and internationally. DISH Network will continue to carry on Blockbuster's legacy in name only, via licensing rights that allow it to package certain premium channel bundles as the 'Blockbuster' package. Because nothing sells product like marketing that invokes imagery of a failed corporation.

All your Blockbuster rental needs will draw to a close by mid-December, so now is the time to get a refund on your game consoles and pick up some scratched stocking stuffers, before it's too late.

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