In an ad for Burger King chicken nuggets that aired last night on Fox during its football programming, a vaguely unhinged man interviews two teens on the street in a bit that comedian Billy Eichner says is stolen from his act.

"How much would 10 of these cost from Burger King?" he asks the teens. After revealing the price ($1.49! For 10! What a deal?), the man with the microphone makes a weird, guttural noise and the teens mirror him. You could reasonably make the argument that the ad is in the vein of Eichner's own style, but the ambush, man on the street interview is hardly a novel concept for comedy or even a TV spot.

But Eichner, and his Billy on the Street series, has staked his rise to fame on his especially irreverent and spastic take on the genre—you also get why he wouldn't want a brand like Burger King trying to muscle in on his turf. He straight-up called Burger King out on Twitter last night.

Other comedians have rallied in support of Eichner on Twitter:

Here's the ad in question, which is not funny.