Did you watch Saturday Night Live this past Saturday with host Bill Hader, your favorite person who plays Stefon? Like, on TV. Like, at night. Like, when it airs across the nation live. You probably didn't. No one did!

Per ratings data compiled by known erroneous TV number crunchers Nielsen, this past Saturday's SNL was the lowest-rated episode in the all-important (read: advertiser important) 18-49 demographic in the show's entire history, as Deadline points out. (Technically, Charlize Theron's May 2014 episode first achieved this ratings low; Hader's episode matched it.)

We know Hader's episode is the lowest rated, but what about other SNL alums who return to host? How'd they do in recent years? Hader notched a 3.8 rating in metered-market households (all you care about is the number; the higher the better). The last SNL alum to host was Andy Samburg, who starred in May's season finale and scored a 4.0 demo rating. Not terrible. Jimmy Fallon hosted the Christmas episode. 6.3 in the demo. Tina Fey hosted the season premiere. 4.7. You can see how bad this makes Bill Hader look.

But all those alums are far more famous than Hader, who just left the show last year. Arguably, he was brought back to host too soon. Anyway, Jim Carrey hosts the next episode and there'll be stories about how high those ratings are. Ratings are dumb.

[Image via NBC]