Bummer, dude. Our bro Bieber got a hella un-mellow awakening in NYC on Sunday when he bing bonged his skateboard right out from under his little feet-flops. Wonkers!

According to the New York Daily News, the Biebsteib—stoked on hella rays after a bonkers blast of cloud-filled grey tops—attempted to get some grindage outside of Madison Square Garden when...he totally mobbed it (not good!!):

Justin Bieber was spotted skateboarding through the busy streets of New York City Sunday and while the "Baby" singer was showing off his skills, he suffered an embarrassing tumble.

Bieber's fall followed his attempt to skate down a flight of stairs outside of Madison Square Garden while fans looked on.

Sadly, some deeply unchill bummers were there to catch the spill on their lenzoids:

Oh, bro. Don't add that one to your tricktionary just yet.

[image via Getty]