Benedict Cumberbatch is engaged. (Not to you.)

There are many ways a stranger can ruin your life. Spill coffee on you in the subway. Talk to you while you're alone together on the subway. Push you in front of the subway. But one way you never expect a stranger to ruin your life is by marrying some other, pretty stranger, a stranger you had no idea the first stranger was even serious with, like, didn't he just do an interview where he talked about dating casually? Did that mean nothing?!

Cumberbatch's engagement was announced quietly today in the "Forthcoming Marriages" section of the Times:

The announcement was later confirmed—yes, it is that B.T. Cumberbatch, son of that Wanda Cumberbatch—by the Times online:

Another day, another eligible bachelor off the shelf. First George Clooney, now Benedict  Cumberbatch is preparing for married life.

The actor's engagement to Sophie Hunter, a theatre director, is announced in The Times today.

Benedict and his future wife Sophie Hunter were apparently in some movie together in 2010 called Burlesque Fairytales, ugh, who cares:

"Congratulations to the happy couple." (Insincere.)

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