Comedian-cum-author Aziz Ansari will be bringing his latest hourlong set of "Did I mention I hang out with Kanye?" jokes to Netflix this November. His new special, Buried Alive, is premiering on the streaming giant first before being made available via other modes of distribution.

Ansari's long been a fan of Netflix (in the last year, his tweets took a turn from missives about finding the best eateries to how much he binge watches Olivia Pope solve all of our national crises with one strong purse of her lips), in part, we're guessing, because much of his oeuvre is available for streaming on the site. Given the success of original programming like House of Cards and Orange is the New Black, Netflix has been vocal about wanting to expand their original content into both the documentary and comedy arenas. Just one week ago, they were the first to release comedian Mike Birbiglia's highly underrated special, My Girlfriend's Boyfriend.

For those unwilling to cough up the $8 a month to get Netflix Instant (weird, given the fact that the entire series of TGIF gem Dinosaurs is available to stream, but hey, you do you), Buried Alive will be available for download for $5 from Ansari's website after it premieres on Netflix.

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