I’m sorry to have to tell you this, but your old pal Ashley Tisdale from High School Musical may not be well. In an interview with Health magazine that went live earlier this month but is, due to the rhythms of the universe, just now gaining traction in the tabloids, Ashley can’t stop talking about dead people—specifically famous dead people to whom she has tenuous personal connections; more specifically: Robin Williams and Brittany Murphy.

Why does Ashley talk at length about these Hollywood stars, united in their untimely demises, in an interview otherwise geared towards her fitness routine? To be fair, she was first asked about Robin Williams because of something she said about him before.

Health: You once said that Robin Williams was an inspiration to you, and then you guest-starred with him on The Crazy Ones. Did you get to know him?

Ashley Tisdale: He was one of the nicest people. Whenever I was around Robin, I just wanted to hug him the entire time. He was just a humble, nice man. And for how many years he’d been doing this, he was the most professional person. He was the first one on his mark—he would be waiting for everybody else. It was funny because at the first table read, I was so nervous because Robin Williams was sitting at the table. And he laughed out loud at one of my lines. I remember telling my friends, “You know you’ve had a good day when you’ve made Robin Williams laugh.”

That’s not so bad, and Ashley gets to make her point in the end. But then she says this:

Health: Who else has been an inspiration?

Ashley Tisdale: I also looked up to Brittany Murphy, growing up.

Oh boy. She continues:

I met her backstage at a Kids’ Choice Awards. I was doing pilots, but they weren’t getting picked up. You kind of get to this point where you’ve done it for so long where you’re like, “Is this what I’m supposed to be doing?” I was just like, “I am your biggest fan.” She said, “Are you an actress? OK, you gotta keep going. Whatever you do, never give up.” She pinkie-promised me, and it was such a boost of confidence. I always want to be that person for others, but I am very shy.

Does this mean Ashley Tisdale has to die now?

Hard to say. It does seem like she’s concerned with her legacy:

I think people have a perspective of me that I’m this blonde and I just like to shop. I’m deeper than what people expect.

She later notes that she decided to call her production company Blondie Girl Productions.


Good luck with your remaining life goal, which you helpfully said out loud to a Health magazine reporter:

One of my main goals is to win an Emmy for best actress. I guess I’ve always loved just making people laugh.

I love your honesty.

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