Twenty-two-year-old singer Zayn Malik, formerly of One Direction, is engaged to be married to a 21-year-old woman named Perrie Edwards. That's pretty crazy in and of itself, but now fans are speculating that Zayn is going to get DISNEYLAND. In JUNE!!!!!

Why would he ever do that?

According to Heat magazine, Zayniacs have followed a series of Instagram clues to determine that Zayn and Perrie will wed at the theme park. Heat reports that earlier this month, Zayn's sister Saafa posted and then deleted a photo of Perrie in a wedding dress with the caption, "Cinderella #loveweddings."

Then current One Directioner Liam Payne's girlfriend Sophia Smith posted and deleted a photo of Perrie standing in front of a carriage.

A carriage! Like one you would see in an animated Disney film!

Finally, "Perrie's BFF Katherine Spires" (??) told a fan that she was going to Disneyland in June.

Is it all coming together for you now, and are you crying?

Zayn and Perrie have yet to confirm the news and whether or not the wedding will take place in Cinderella's castle or on a roller coaster or what.

Disneyland. Lord have mercy.

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