Hurricane Sandy was such a dick. Not only did last October's natural disaster disrupt the homes and lives of many, but it's also turned part-time philanderer, full-time sloucher Kristen Stewart into...a prostitute, apparently?

At a discussion following a screening of 12.12.12, Harvey Weinstein's documentary about the Hurricane Sandy benefit concert he organized, Weinstein shared many an anecdote about what a good job he did organizing the benefit. One that stood out? Convincing Stewart to have a sit-down with an unnamed Middle Eastern prince. The prince reached out to Weinstein and offered to make a large contribution to the benefit, on one condition: he got to speak with the glum vampire.

Like the pro she is (I meant professional, but worth noting that she played the other kind of pro in 2010's Welcome To The Rileys), Stewart's only question to the mega-producer/mini-john was economical. "How much?"

The prince made an offer, Weinstein countered at $500,000 and thus the 15-minute tête-à-tête was born. As most transactions of this nature go, the fee was paid upfront and in all cash.

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