Did Taylor Swift "feed" rum and Coke™ to Lorde—ostensibly an 18-year-old girl, improbably but not impossibly an immortal witch—during a Golden Globes after party? Star Magazine says yes.

From Star:

"Taylor was drinking rum and coke and then switched to Meiomi wine," the source tells Star. "And she was feeding her rum and coke to Lorde!"

According to the insider, Taylor told the "Yellow Flicker Beat" singer she didn't have to drink if she didn't want to, but gushed that, "Rum is so good!" And once Lorde took a sip of the concoction, she ended up ordering one of her own!

A few strong pieces of evidence for both the believers and disbelievers of this refreshing piece of Coke™ gossip.

On the believer's side, it is near-impossible that "Rum is so good!" is not a direct quote from Taylor Swift.

On the disbeliever's side, Taylor Swift is the spokeswoman for Diet Coke™ and ordering a rum and Coke™ may violate the rum and Diet Coke™ terms of her contract. Plus, no woman in her twenties drinks full-calorie Coke in 2015.

On the believer's side, rum and Coke™ seems like something Lorde might like. Who wouldn't?

On the disbeliever's side, are we truly meant to believe that, in her centuries of life, Lorde has never once tried even a sip of rum and Coke™?

On the believer's side: Taylor Swift "switched to Meiomi wine." You're damn right she did. In In the past, Taylor Swift has said that drinking wine makes her "feel classy," and she has so many cats and no boyfriend.

On the disbeliever's side: Hard to imagine a night that ends with Taylor Swift drinking wine that does not start with Taylor Swift drinking wine.

Much like a satisfying glass of Coke™ and a chain restaurant that supports bottomless refills, we may never get to the bottom of this Coke™ mystery. One thing we can be sure of, however: rum is so good and wine is also good and I love you Lorde and I love you Taylor, no, like I love you, Lorde.

[image via Splash]